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Fluorescent lamps are a very low pressure mercury-vapor gas discharge lamp that uses an electric current to charge the gas inside the bulb. This produces an ultraviolet wave length which causes the phosphor coating to produce a visible light.

Most common in commercial lighting, we stock a wide variety of fluorescent bulbs, including various shapes, sizes, and colors.

F= Linear Fluorescent
FB= U-Bent Fluorescent
FC= Circuline Fluorescent

T12= 12/8 inch diameter (1.5 inches)

T8= 8/8 inch diameter (1 inch)
T5= 5/8 inch diameter
and more

WW= Warm White (3500K)
CW= Cool White (4100K)
D= Daylight (4100K)

For standard light fixtures, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are designed to replace old technology such as incandescent lamps. They are made to fit into most existing light sockets. CFLs can use up to one-fifth of the energy and can last up to fifteen times longer in some instances. While they can be a little more expensive than incandescent bulbs, you usually save time and money by not needing to replace bulbs as often and lowering your electric bill. They do contain a small amount of mercury so we recommend recycling them with care. We carry a variety of CFLs, including:

Candelabra Base
A Style
3 Way

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