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Energy Management

Energy Management
Let us show you how LED lighting can save energy and save you money. LEDs give you more light per watt of energy expended and will not heat up the room and increase your air conditioning bill.
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In today’s corporate world, energy regulations and mandates from both state and federal governments are more stringent than ever. Carbon footprints are scrutinized more closely and penalized more rigorously.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an integral and necessary element of successful business models the world over. Upgrading your lighting to LED will positively impact your CSR goals in a number of ways.
Lower Your Energy Costs and Consumption
The most direct and immediate way LEDs will influence your CSR is through energy consumption. For example, the charts below illustrate the differences between a typical office setting using the most common fluorescent bulbs compared to an LED upgrade. This example uses 100 2x4 fixtures with 4 32 watt fluorescent tubes in each fixture.